Is the sterling silver plate thick? Will it rub off?

  • We use a 5 mm thick sterling silver plate. The industry standard is 2 mm. This gives our products a beautiful finish and a long wear life. Please treat your plated pieces as you would solid sterling silver (see above about storing your pieces). If you use polishing compounds or wear your piece in water, salt water, or while handling harsh chemicals, the plating will start to rub off, revealing the solid brass base.

How do I store my pieces? Will they tarnish?

  • When you are finished working with or wearing your piece, wipe it down with a soft dry cloth. Store it in a plastic bag in a dark place (like a jewelry box). The silver plated pieces will tarnish as the plating is actually sterling silver. Treat it like you would fine silver, when you are finished with it, wipe it down and store it. The tarnishing process should be minimized if you follow this. If you piece starts to tarnish, polish with a soft cloth (see above question).

How do I clean my pieces?

  • We recommend you use a soft, dry cloth, free from liquids or powders. Using a polishing compound will accelerate the wear of the plating and you will begin to see the brass base under the sterling silver plate.

How are Amate Studios products made?

  • Our Designer's Collection is completely handmade. We start with the basics, sheet metal and wire and create a beautiful piece of jewelry.  Watch the video below for the full details. (about 6 minutes)

Where is Amate Studios located?

  • We are located in Mesa, AZ. Our manufacturing facility is in Central Mexico. We do not have a physical showroom. If you would like to meet in person to discuss a custom project, please contact us.

Why did you pick Amate for your company name?

  • We started our business selling original Amate bark paper to the craft and hobby industry. We still sell the parent sheets of paper to interior designers for use in commercial and residential decorating applications. The paper company is called Amate International. When we started selling our jewelry line, we liked the Amate name and just added Studios to give us a more creative feel.

Which glues or adhesives do I use?

  • We don't recommend any particular brand or type. We do suggest you test whichever type you want to use beforehand.

What's the difference between the Designer's Collection and Base Elements lines?

  • Our Designer's Collection is completely handmade. The Base Elements lines starts with a machine stamped piece and then hand finished. Both product lines are made with the same high quality metals (solid copper, solid brass, sterling silver over solid brass and solid sterling silver) and attention to detail.​

Amate Studios Jewelry Blanks


Frequently Asked Questions

What can the bezels be filled with?

  • Photos, clay, beads, resin, gears, charms, stones, glass, cabs, recycled material, paper, gems, crystal, plastic, anything!

What makes Amate Studios jewelry blanks and products different from similar items on the market?

  • Quality is what we have built our reputation on. We offer a jewelry or designer grade product to our customers while most similar items on the market are for the general crafter. Also, unlike many other items available out there, our items are not cast, they are handmade.

How do you pronounce Amate?

  • It is pronounced Ahh-mah-tay. It is the Otomi Indian word for paper. The Otomi are an indigenous tribe located in Central Mexico.

I don't have a business. Where can I buy Amate Studios product retail?

  • Contact us for a list of stores and online retailers.

I created an awesome piece of jewelry with Amate Studios products! Where can I share it?

  • Send us an email or text with a photo and description. You can also post it on our Facebook page.

How do I buy wholesale?

  • You must have a resale ID number and/or be a registered business. Contact us for details.